If you want to achieve something out of your life, WHY WAIT? Got a goal, act on it. That’s the real difference between the people who just talk about their dreams and those who live them. They take action; consistent and massive action. 

These people fought hard for their goals. Endless trickling of sweat beads down their chins, the “burn” in their contracting muscles from lactic acid build-up, the cramped-up expression on their faces when performing an extra minute of cardiovascular activity, mentally fighting on even when their body signals for them to stop, resisting the temptation to eat “unclean” foods, enduring the muscle soreness that comes the day after and yet, they start every session with a cheerful smile on their face. That’s the spirit which has got them thus far and through training with me, strengthens even more to facilitate them to achieve nothing short of amazing results.

Be the next one on my hall of fame.


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