Mornings: Best time for exercise

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Let’s be honest, most people crawl out of bed in the mornings and the last thing on their mind would be to get up earlier and head to the gym. However, whether it is 15 minutes or one hour, here are some reasons why getting up with the birds and getting a work out in before heading of for work is the best thing for you.

It can be hard to find the time to work out, especially at the end of the day when you have little motivation, which will leave you frustrated that you have missed the gym again. Getting up a little earlier will ensure that you definitely get you exercise for the day in and you won’t have to think about it later.

It has been found that when you exercise in the morning, your metabolism increases and stays revved up for a lot longer. And we all know what it means when your metabolism is fired up. Yes, that’s right; you’re burning lots of calories and calories that you have stored, rather than the one you ate during the day.

You will find that not only will you feel energized and more alert throughout the day, but it will make you feel good that you put some time aside to be doing something that is beneficial to you. Studies have found that it keeps brain sharp making you more productive. Forget the coffee; get the heart pumping and give your brain the oxygen to get the body going.

Insomniacs, listen up! You will find it a lot easier to nod off in the evenings when you exercise in the morning. Research found that people sleep a whole lot better when they exercise in the mornings compared to those who exercise in the evenings.

It can also help to regulate your appetite for the day. Firstly you’ll be encouraged to eat breakfast, which has been proven by studies to aid weight loss, but also when you exercise your body releases certain hormones called endorphins, which actually help to suppress the appetite. You will also make healthier choices when you do eat.

If your usual working day is usually stressful, exercise can help to reduce those stress levels. Your mind will be a lot clearer after a workout, leaving you better able to cope with what the day throws at you.



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